Hey there! I’m Marika Roth, and I’m all about unlocking the transformative power of intrapreneurship within organizations.

With over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, business coaching, finance, and personal development, I’ve picked up some practical insights that I can’t wait to share with you.

I founded my company back in 2015 because I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs thrive. I’ve had the privilege of coaching over 2000 aspiring entrepreneurs, and let me tell you, I’m all about getting things done—no fluff, just tangible results.

To me, intrapreneurship isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a mindset that leads to innovation and success. I work with organizations to tap into their team’s entrepreneurial spirit, creating a culture where everyone feels valued and empowered to reach their goals within the company’s mission.

Marika Roth

In my coaching, I’m all about action and finding solutions. I want to give entrepreneurs the practical tools they need to tackle challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth. It’s all about clarity, alignment, and continuous improvement.

With my background in business administration and certifications in NLP and coaching, I bring a holistic approach to my work. I use my finance experience to provide strategic insights that really make a difference.

My mission is to show as many people as possible that entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone, often through the lens of intrapreneurship. By opening this new way of thinking, individuals can connect with their purpose, and it challenges companies to evolve in order to thrive. I’m all about helping organizations discover their hidden talents and making the changes needed to keep those gems around

Let’s work together to unlock the hidden potential within your team and discover the A-players already among your staff, before they quietly seek opportunities elsewhere.

Excited to team up and make waves! Let’s chat soon to discuss booking options and start driving real results

Talk to you soon, 


Personal note:

Now, you might be wondering how to identify and recognize the A-players within your team who may be currently overlooked or underutilized. Here’s a practical first step:

Make a list of all your team members and jot down 2-3 points about each:

a) Their role and daily tasks

b) How they perform in their role

c) When was the last time you had a 1:1 conversation with them?

d) Who were the first and last to come to your mind, and why? Reflect on the reasons for this order.

e) Sit down with the individuals at the bottom of your list. Your hidden A-players might be among them.